Takuya Matsuyama

Digital Craftsman ( Artist / Developer / Designer )

Osaka, Japan



Takuya is a freelance and a full-stack developer based in Osaka with a passion for building digital services/stuff he wants. He has a knack for all things launching products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. When not online, he loves hanging out with his camera.

デジタル領域を中心に、自身の欲しいと思ったサービスを制作。 企画からデザイン・開発・運用まで全て一人で行う。 iOSなどのスマホアプリからウェブアプリまで、技術やプラットフォームを限定せず幅広く活動。 その傍ら、フリーランスとして様々なプロジェクトに参加。 枠に囚われずオーダーメイドで柔軟にモノを作る「クラフトマンシップ」を得意とする。


1984Born in Osaka, Japan.

2010Completed the Master's Program in the Graduate School of Information Science at Nara Institute of Science and Technology

2010Worked at Yahoo! Japan

2012 to presentWorks as a freelance

I ♥

Art, Music, Drawing, Playing Drums, Photography, Leica, Machine Learning

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Why craftzdog?

It's an abbreviation for 'craftsman' + 'dog'. My avatar is dog icon for long time since I've started publishing my works on the internet. I love craftsmanship, I'd be a craftsman. That's why I decided to call myself 'craftsdog' but this username was already taken by someone on Twitter. So I'm using craftzdog as my internet identity now.

My old handle name is 'noradaiko'. I changed it because it's hard to remember especially for non-Japanese speakers.