Cherry blossom coding wallpaper pack

This wallpaper pack offers a selection of carefully curated images from the 'devaslife' YouTube channel, known for its programming content. The featured wallpapers are derived from the "Boost your skills with ChatGPT: Creating a transcription and translation tool using OpenAI" video, showcasing a serene riverside and cherry blossoms backdrop of the programming tutorial.

Buying the wallpaper pack will greatly help me invest in gear and tools to create high-quality content 💪🙏
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The collection includes various formats suitable for different devices: landscape-oriented images for desktop setups and portrait-oriented selections for mobile users. The pack also contains a selection of behind-the-scenes photos from the video production.

Landscape - up to 6K

Landscape 1Landscape 2Landscape 3Landscape 4Landscape 5Landscape 6Landscape 7Landscape 8Landscape 9Landscape 10Landscape 11Landscape 12Landscape 13Landscape 14

From video - up to 4K

From video 1From video 2From video 3From video 4From video 5From video 6From video 7From video 8From video 9From video 10From video 11From video 12From video 13From video 14

Portrait - up to 6K

Portrait 1Portrait 2Portrait 3Portrait 4Portrait 5Portrait 6Portrait 7
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